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SBS Education is proud to partner with industry leading suppliers and leaders in education services.

For those services that we do not provide ourselves we have carefully chosen and have been selected to work with the following companies.

Granteq | Distributor of Integrated AV, Control, & IT technologies

Granteq Distribution’s aim is to bring unique and innovative technologies to the Middle East & Africa (MEA) market and deploy these technologies through its strong local channel partners for the benefit of end users.

The technologies it offers help its partners differentiate themselves from the competition and offer something unique and valued to their clients.

Granteq Distribution

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KDSL Global | Consulting

KDSL Global is an educational consulting company launched by Kevin Simpson. The company partners with education investors, provides professional learning and promotes education companies.

Mr. Simpson has served 500+ schools and thousands of educators worldwide in 20 countries. The majority of his work in education has centered on American curriculum schools.

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Double First Ltd

Founded in 1987, Double First creates education information management systems, financial management packages and payroll software for fee-paying independent schools.

The company’s integrated suite of school software is called Engage. It includes Portals for Teachers, Pupils and Parents, Fees, Assessments (reports to parents), Examinations, Attendance, Curriculum, Timetable, Special Educational Needs, and Performance Tracking.

A close working relationship with the bodies that represent independent schools throughout the world is a valued part of their activity, to stay in touch with developments, understand collective requirements and to meet with many of the leading educationalists and administrators in the independent school sphere.

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Lee Wakemans | Professional Consultancy Service for clients dealing with property

Lee Wakemans provides a professional consultancy service for clients dealing with property.

We offer a full management service that incorporates all stages from initial requirements to post construction completion.

Granteq Distribution

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Trivium | Marketing

Trivium brings together people who thrive on fierce thinking. In a highly disruptive business landscape constantly searching for aggressive methods with better returns, we truly believe that instincts such as pure freedom and courage fuel the best of ideas.

By partnering with the fearless and following an approach that is fierce in its logic and execution, Trivium helps you find uncompromising solutions that deliver.

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Global Business + Investment | Specialist in developing and raising investment funds for projects

Global Business + Investment LLC’s founding partner, John Ellis, works in partnership with SBS Education and a consortium of UK companies based in the UAE, providing a complete solution of bringing together the best of British expertise to develop School and ELC projects.

GB+1 secure suitable land plots for school developments and land valuations for each project, working in partnership with British companies to deliver high quality projects.

Granteq Distribution

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Model | Engineering Consultants

In practice for over 40 years with more than 450 completed projects in UAE; Model has designed and managed varied projects such as Commercial Towers, Hotels, Residential communities, Luxury Villas, Educational facilities, Logistic & manufacturing facilities and many more.

Centrally located in Dubai, UAE with the Design Facility admeasuring to 3,500 sq. ft. staffed by more than 30 multidisciplinary engineers, Model is located for quick access to emerging locations.

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Assettrac | Asset Management Software

Assettrac was founded in 1999 providing products and services in the field of physical asset management. It enjoys a growing connection with some 500 schools, academies, and local entities integrating asset labels, onsite auditing, hand held devices and asset management software to track movable property and premises safety inspections. Services include training, technical support, and replacement values for all items tagged for finance and insurance purposes.

Our principal contacts are those managers responsible for finance, premises, and IT, helping them demonstrate compliance and academy guidelines as well as health and safety legislation.

Asset Trac - Asset Management Software

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PW Payroll Solutions | Payroll

PW Payroll Solutions Ltd is a BACS registered bureau specialising in payroll services with over 25 years’ experience. Offering a fully managed service that covers all aspects of payroll for schools, additional services include auto enrolment and offer a payroll help desk for pay related queries.

A service that is flexible, designed around your needs, ensuring your payroll is accurate and providing reports that are meaningful.


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