New School Projects

New School Projects Dubai

Setting up a new school is an extensive, multi-faceted project. Our end-to-end process ensures that your vision and investment becomes a reality to create a world class environment for teaching and learning. This page outlines the New School Projects from SBS Education.

Project phases

By developing a clear project brief, SBS will ensure that all parties have a shared understanding of the vision and objectives of the new school or Early Learning Centre (ELC).

We have a 5 phase approach to New School Projects:

Phase 1: Visioning
Phase 2: Licensing
Phase 3: Planning and Design
Phase 4: Pre-Opening and Project Management
Phase 5: Management and Operations


Financial modelling

How will we maximise your return on investment (ROI)?

Prior to commencement of Investor discussions and school licensing, SBS will provide business and financial modelling to ensure the required internal rate of return can be achieved from the new school project. This will prevent jeopardising the quality of build and most importantly, teaching and learning.

Areas for action

We suggest that to be successful, all parties must satisfy themselves that a project of development, improvement or change is explicitly guided through distinct, quality assured phases. To assure all aspects are strategically project managed and professionally organised SBS focuses upon Areas for Action, which ensures that every aspect of a school’s needs are addressed.

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