School ICT Support Services

School ICT Support Services Dubai

A range of support to establish and maintain a secure, smooth-running ICT infrastructure. This page outlines the School ICT Support Services from SBS Education.

ICT Infrastructure Project

New and existing schools

SBS Education believes strongly that ICT is the ‘5th Utility’ in the development of new schools. Alongside electricity, gas, water and telephone systems, schools should expect ICT systems to be just as well-integrated and reliable. ICT is also a utility that directly impacts teaching and learning.

For new schools – SBS Education can support pre-operations projects, providing ICT procurement, installations and project management services prior to opening. Our projects are completed effectively and efficiently using our phased approach to New School Projects.

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For existing schools – If you have an ICT update requirement as part of a School Improvement Project we can provide a site survey to map out a new infrastructure and then propose and install any required upgrades.

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ICT Service Desk

The SBS Service Desk is staffed by experienced personnel who are on hand to assist you in resolving your day-to-day queries.

Our support includes:

  • Proactive account management
  • Remote system monitoring
  • Network management
  • Email account setup
  • System issue identification
  • Office 365 migrations
  • Online backup management
  • Latest news via blog subscriptions

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ICT Audit & Forward Strategy

Does your technology strategy support teaching & learning? We can deliver a comprehensive audit of your school’s ICT to create a detailed 5 year development plan.

ICT Audit

Our process is designed to suit you:

1. Visit – An SBS ICT specialist will visit your school at a suitable time to ensure minimal disruption to classroom learning. This service is available all year round to provide advice when your school needs it most.

2. Audit – We will complete a review of your school’s ICT, including make, model, age, capacity and suitability of your equipment, network and teaching suites.

3. Report – A detailed report of your ICT will be provided to outline recommended upgrades and draft budgeting information.

Once provided, we can carry out the upgrades recommended in our ICT Audit via our Forward Strategist role.


Forward Strategist

At SBS we strive to deliver a complete ICT service for your school as this level of support allows us to maximise our impact on teaching and learning. To implement your technology strategy we can provide a responsible and proactive Forward Strategist.

Provide leadership

  • Plan any ICT projects and improvements alongside School Leadership Team (SLT)
  • Attend SLT & Governor meetings to deliver demonstrations and lead discussions
  • Provide the information and justification on the latest technology and give independent advice on ICT projects and initiatives

Coordinate ICT projects

  • Implement the school’s strategic ICT objectives and manage the procurement of equipment
  • Lead the onsite technicians to meet the requirements of the school
  • Deliver the school’s development strategy. An ideal service to implement the upgrades recommended as part of our ICT Audit

Be communicative

  • Respond to emails and calls at all times for ICT matters
  • Be the escalation point for all important ICT activity and be charged with resolving issues as quickly as possible
  • Provide a monthly report on project progress and system performance

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